Hi, I'm Michaela.

Welcome to my website, a place where I share ideas about maths education, as well as teaching and learning more broadly.

This is what I believe
  • Maths is fun, challenging and satisfying. Learning maths requires patience, persistence and careful thinking.

  • Success in school mathematics means being confident about what has been learned and curious to learn more.

  • Most students have the capacity to learn complex ideas. 

  • Formal education is an important, yet a small, part of a student's learning journey. It won't and can't do everything.

  • When we care about education, we develop strong opinions about what it should look like.

  • Being skeptical of ideas we're presented with, including our own opinions, opens up conversation and helps us to see the world in different ways.

This is what I do

Right now, I am bringing the first ever Maths Teacher Circles to Australia. MTCs bring together maths teachers and mathematicians to actively do maths and talk teaching on a regular basis. Like book club, but for mathematics. MTCs have been successfully run in the U.S. for over two decades now and first originated in Eastern Europe in the early twentieth century.

In addition, I am consulting to schools and organisations on projects that are supporting graduate teachers, out-of-field teachers and maths leaders and specialist teachers.

More broadly, I'm currently diving into and working with educators on these questions:

  • What's needed for students to leave school curious and confident about maths?

  • How can we make it easier for great maths teaching ideas to be shared?

  • How can schools, universities and others in the education sector use research and data deliberately?

I am also past President and serve on the Board of the Mathematical Association of Victoria, enjoy playing competitive dominoes, learning about statistics and philosophy and going hiking.

This is what I've done

In recent years, I have focused on maths education from different perspectives. To this end, I have:

  • Taught mathematics at schools in rural and urban areas

  • Run professional development programs and worked closely with teachers in a coaching capacity

  • Designed and implemented specialised mathematics programs to support and extend students

  • Led a team of learning and instructional designers, responsible for producing maths content for over 55,000 students

  • Served on the board of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and the Australian committee of the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge

  • Spoken at conferences, researched and written about curriculum, pedagogy, effective teaching practices and cognitive development

  • Reviewed papers for the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia and for the Australian Council for Educational Research's Excellence in Professional Practice Conference.


Past clients and partners include:

  • BioLab, the Victorian BioScience Education Centre

  • EdPartnerships International

  • Heathmont College

  • Math4Love

  • Pivot Professional Learning

  • The Department of Education and Training Victoria

  • The Mathematical Association of Victoria

  • The Meet Pi Maths Festival

  • The Pavilion School

  • The Tutor Network

  • Urbis Consulting